Why Does The Reactionary Right Republicans Embrace Ignorance As A Virtue?


I want to start off this posting to clarify that I do believe in God and embrace the qualities and values of being a 32nd Degree Freemason in the Scottish Rite. I am an active Republican with a family 150 year history of belonging to the Party of Lincoln. So from this perspective I can speak out on this subject.

Now that being said, as a man of science, I have to ask that even far beyond the current “War on Science” why does the Reactionary Right Republicans embrace ignorance as a virtue?  I dare say it has even become somewhat a point of pride.

Like the old joke, “What is the difference between ignorance and apathy?…. I don’t know and I don’t care!”

Even in the face of those with scholarly degrees with the expertise and facts of the liberal arts, you will find those claiming  the mantle of “God’s Religious Revaluations & Conservatives of Christian Values” being belligerently ignorant, and offended by anyone daring to suggest their wanted ignorance is less desirable than another’s educated knowledge.

I would refer you to the great American science fiction author and once Professor of Biochemistry at Boston University before his passing in 1992, Isaac Asimov’s statement, “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

The sad part is that this attitude has become the “Go-To Position” for many of the conservative politicians stumping on their campaign speeches.  As a true litmus statement of too many voting citizens in the U. S. is that sadly, this strategy is working for them.

Another question would be is how does a critical thinking person argue in a debating fashion the value of evidence and reason over wishful thinking and wanted ignorance prejudices? When confronted with the facts, this “Group Think” segment of Low Information Voters” (LIV) will just blow off any fact based logic as, “This is just your personal view.” With regards to the “Group Think” mentality of this demographic segment, I usually pass on George S. Patton’s quote, “If everybody is thinking alike….then somebody is not thinking”.

For this, I give you the example of the Tea Party loons. Among the Republican Party Leaders just a few years ago, the attitude was that this Tea Party segment was good to easily motivate and get active at election time.  They were calling it, “Whipping Up The Nut Jobs”.

The Tea Party subset of the Republican Party are even downright proud of their ignorance. In essence it has become a badge of honor.  It also displays their distain against what they view as a progressive thought value in knowing what a person is talking about before offering an opinion. This lack of employing any critical thinking logic has no value in what I would call a “Reality Based” thought for this shallow DNA gene pool segment.  My only explanation reasoning how this segment comes to their conclusions is there has to be a chromosome missing somewhere.

This of course is not the first time in the country we have seen this phenomenon, nor will it be the last. In closing I will end with a quote from John F. Kennedy: “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought”.  The ignorance of the John Birch Society that Jack Kennedy had to deal with has just morphed itself today as the Tea Party; both being funded by the Koch Family Funds.


Told You So Jack Kemp!


I was thinking this morning about the “hour long / one on one” conversation I had with Jack Kemp in 2005.

I was at a Bull Roast reelection fund raiser for then Congressman Wayne Gilchrest. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Gilchrest I, and a couple of other good friends, quickly & handedly derailed the Conservative Republican primary challenger’s bid for moderate Republican Congressman Gilchrest’s seat that election year.

For this, we were invited to this fund raiser and were at a seat of honor with Ex. Vice President Candidate Jack Kemp.

Long story short, I voiced my concerns and warnings back then to Jack Kemp of embracing the Reactionary Right segment and giving them the validafying voice of being welcomed within the Party.  It was not what Jack wanted to hear, but I went on to tell him that the Republican Party had lost its way from what it once was.

The Republican Party once touted the “Golden Age of Freethought”.

This describes the socio-political movement promoting Freethought that developed in the mid-19th-century United States. “Freethought” is a philosophical position that holds that ideas and opinions should be based on science and reason, and not restricted by authority, tradition, or religion. Instead voices representing the Republican Party, such as Rush Limbaugh and the clones, passing on the anti- intellectual, non-critical thinking, and “everyone must think alike” mandate. (If everybody is thinking alike….then somebody is not thinking. George S. Patton)

My prediction warning back then to Jack Kemp was that the Party will come to regret welcoming in the extreme segments that were the old Klansmen, John Birch Society, Extreme Religious Fanatics…in essence, what is known today as the “Tea Party”. Jack’s mentality was that this segment was good to easily motivate and get active at election time.  They were calling it, “Whipping Up The Nut Jobs” among the Party Leaders.

Now latest news: This current primary year, Karl Rove has spent 100’s of millions purging out the Tea Party members and challengers trying to bring back some semblance of mainstream conservatives being elected to Congress and Senate.

So in conclusion I could say, “Told You So”!

The Giraffes and Turtles Parable

I was just thinking how Bishop T. D. Jakes’s parable, “Giraffes and Turtles”, and how it  can relate to people today.

He starts off with, “To get to the core of who you are, you need to understand what you are”.

As I see it, progressives have the viewpoint of the giraffes, and conservatives have the viewpoint of turtles.

Think about this: giraffes eat from the tops of trees, and turtles eat at the bottom. Neither is better than the other, but they just cannot relate.

The giraffe and turtle may occupy the same state of their surroundings, the same space, but they don’t have the same worldview.  A giraffe can’t explain to a turtle his worldview because the turtle cannot conceive, nor comprehend, the perspective that the giraffe has.  At least the giraffe can look down and see the turtle in his element, but does not mean the giraffe should acquiesce, or assimilate to the turtle’s perceived limited views.  The giraffe would know better.

So in conclusion, the giraffe can be in the same geographical location as the turtle, but the giraffe eats from the tops of the trees and the turtle moves through the grass.  The giraffe has the larger panoramic view of his surroundings, but the turtle’s view is just blades of grass and tree trunks. (I would also add, maybe some giraffe droppings too.)

The point is to eat on your level. If you’re a giraffe, be that. If you’re a turtle, it’s OK to be that.  What ultimately happens in the lives of all people is that we eat on the level of our visions.

When you are a giraffe, and you get criticism from turtles, you have to remember the turtles are just reporting from the view of the limited level they are on. When you are the giraffe, be confident in who you are.  Don’t let the turtles tell you what you should be to bring you down to their level of vision

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