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Man’s Evolution into Extinction

Man’s Evolution into Extinction

By F. Wayne Johnson


Man will evolve into extinction,

Destruction of his own kind.

All in the name of progress,

With promises that all will be fine.


Corporations are leading the way,

Too much money to be made.

Marketing and misleading facts,

Are tools of their trade.


To set up manufacturing facilities

On foreign countries’ shores.

All this takes a lot of money,

Multi-nationals need tax breaks galore,


The facts of responsible citizenship,

Will just have to be ignored.

So funding of the tax burden,

Is all just dumped on the poor.


You start by buying elected governments,

And sponsor media shows.

Touting slanted information to the public,

Their reality is all you are to know.


Soon you hear the mindless say,

“I’m a Conservative,” while sucking down a beer.

Sitting there watching TV in a tee shirt,

Paying their entire medical, on $35,000 per year.


Are the masses too dumb to recognize,

They are listening to infomercial shows?

Over dominate, obnoxious, gas bags,

On blowhard radio.


There is no global warming,

As you watch the ice sheets flow?

Chunks the size of a large land mass,

Into the ocean they go.


Don’t try for alternative energy,

Just keep drilling into the ground.

Keep the servitude grip on the public,

There is always more oil to be found.


If your armaments sales are sloping down,

Your purchased government can start a war.

It’s the little people’s sons and daughters,

Death and mutilation, it’s their burden for sure.


So the temperature is rising,

Never have the levels been this high.

Big deal, we are loosing record species,

Who gives a damn, let them die.


So long as CEO’s record salaries,

Are based on numbers neither fact nor true.

Twenty thousand times a working man’s wage,

Reality is what they’ll decide for you.