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When the Word “Liberal” Is Used as a Dehumanizing Term.

My goal in passing on this posting, is to intellectually arm like minded people with the counter argument to those who would use the word “Liberal” as a dehumanizing term.

To me, they are Freudianly exposing the weakness in their intellectual application of this word. It may be well noted that based on the fact they don’t even know the true origins and meaning.

I would make note that there have been many dehumanizing terms for the enemy you would have to shoot, and kill on the battle field, so a man may kill another without engaging their conscience in doing so at that moment.  Terms such as Jap, Kraut, or Gook to name some distasteful and dehumanizing terms used in the past.

The contemporary Conservative Talk Personalities have once again used this technique to demonize those whom do not assimilate or aqueous to their conservative viewpoints in their seen current “Political War”.

The results of those claiming the Reactionary Conservative values, will today poisonally spew out the word “Liberal” as if it were an attack on others.

Of course the term “Liberal” is really quite a complimentary attribute when you know the origins of the word.

The use of “liberal” for progressive politics dates to the mid 19th century. “Liberal” is based on the Latin origins of “Liber” the Latin word for “free”. Thus it can also mean a “Freeman”.

To call someone a liberal, you are saying this person is free from a situation, especially imprisonment of slavery, in which their “liberty” is severely restricted.  In Europe the serfs had been “liberated!”

So when an unenlightened, or reactionary conservative propaganda programmed person thinks they are cleverly derogatory slamming you by calling you “Liberal”, throw it back into their face how ignorant their statement truly is.

Take pride in being progressive, and liberal.  You are laying claim that you will not be economically enslaved, to be politically subservient to the will of the 1%.  In summation, you are claiming your FREEDOM!


Man’s Evolution into Extinction

Man’s Evolution into Extinction

By F. Wayne Johnson


Man will evolve into extinction,

Destruction of his own kind.

All in the name of progress,

With promises that all will be fine.


Corporations are leading the way,

Too much money to be made.

Marketing and misleading facts,

Are tools of their trade.


To set up manufacturing facilities

On foreign countries’ shores.

All this takes a lot of money,

Multi-nationals need tax breaks galore,


The facts of responsible citizenship,

Will just have to be ignored.

So funding of the tax burden,

Is all just dumped on the poor.


You start by buying elected governments,

And sponsor media shows.

Touting slanted information to the public,

Their reality is all you are to know.


Soon you hear the mindless say,

“I’m a Conservative,” while sucking down a beer.

Sitting there watching TV in a tee shirt,

Paying their entire medical, on $35,000 per year.


Are the masses too dumb to recognize,

They are listening to infomercial shows?

Over dominate, obnoxious, gas bags,

On blowhard radio.


There is no global warming,

As you watch the ice sheets flow?

Chunks the size of a large land mass,

Into the ocean they go.


Don’t try for alternative energy,

Just keep drilling into the ground.

Keep the servitude grip on the public,

There is always more oil to be found.


If your armaments sales are sloping down,

Your purchased government can start a war.

It’s the little people’s sons and daughters,

Death and mutilation, it’s their burden for sure.


So the temperature is rising,

Never have the levels been this high.

Big deal, we are loosing record species,

Who gives a damn, let them die.


So long as CEO’s record salaries,

Are based on numbers neither fact nor true.

Twenty thousand times a working man’s wage,

Reality is what they’ll decide for you.

Samuel Adams Predicted Bush / Cheney’s Patriot Act

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.”

 Yes, Samuel Adams knew at some time, an unscrupulous leader would destroy and trample on our Bill of Rights.  Thank you W. Bush and Dick Cheney!!!

Anti-Evolution Proposal Is Rejected In South Carolina

Segments of the Fundamentalist Religious of South Carolina’s government proposed legislation to purchase only school text books that deterred the teaching of evolution. On June 12th, 2014 the Antievolution proposal legislation was rejected in South Carolina.

Bottom line, the extreme religious need to get over the fact of their anti-science fact denial. Man, as a species, was not placed here on earth from heaven by angels as some religions would teach, but rose up into Homo Sapiens, the humanoid primate that he is today, from angry ancestral apes who were ever evolving in intelligence….. some more so than others. Thus evolution is not static, and Homo Sapiens continues to evolve even today.

Sanity prevailed and the South Carolina state board of education rejected the Education Oversight Committee’s proposal to revise the state science standards to require students to “Construct scientific arguments to discredit Darwinian natural selection.”

“Obama and Presidential Library” Independence Day Parade Float

This 4th of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska featured a flatbed, blue pickup truck with an outhouse and the words “Obama” and “Presidential Library”.

This demonstration of tastelessness is NOT a BANNER OF CLEVERNESS but an ENSIGN OF IGNORANCE.

Parade organizers with the local Odd Fellows lodge said, “The float was the most popular ones in the event and received an honorable mention award”.

What an appalling statement and to think someone thought this was a viable justification of this despicable act!

I will comment that the Odd Fellows as a whole are an honorable group much like my own Freemason Brothers, but this Norfolk local lodge should be disbanded along with those who approved this float, should be thrown out of their organization in reprimand, and disgust.

I am calling out the Odd Fellows to act honorable to do so.

On the counterpoint, I am pleased to pass on that the Obama “Outhouse Float” sparked a political firestorm across the nation. The disrespect for the office stands paramount far beyond the man holding the position. There is a level of respect for the office of the Presidency which should not be crossed…and the citizens of Norfolk cleared this disrespectful bar level in their streets shoes.

The Omaha World-Herald reports receiving several emails from people upset about the float, including one person who said that it was wrong to allow this sort of image to be displayed at a July 4th parade.

Those citizens of Norfolk who pointed and laughed at the float, seeing it as humor instead of finding the distastefulness in the act, displayed the deteriorating of our society. I will lay the direct blame for this at the feet of Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News.

It’s beyond disappointing the City of Norfolk, its officials, and citizens would allowed such a thing. This float was not a political statement, but one of the worst displays of racism….plain and simple. For me, no one can argue successfully against this statement.

The Washington Post notes that this was not the first time that an outhouse has appeared in a parade with the words “Obama” and “Presidential Library’ written on it.

In 2012, a Montana man expressed his views in a similar fashion, attaching a fake birth certificate to the outside of the float. That float was eventually banned from other events in the state of Montana.

In closing I will state that just as Jackie Robinson, when he broke the color barrier in baseball, is admired today across the country when he maintained control of his emotions as racial slurs were constantly hurled at him at the baseball games; President Obama for the betterment of the county and the office of the Presidency, has to maintain his emotional control ignoring the ignorance displayed by the citizens at the Independence Day Parade in Norfolk, Nebraska’s shame. President Obama too will be honored in the future for the same reason just as Jackie Roberson is today.

Extreme Conservatism, by its own reflective definition, is Wrong.


Reactionary Conservatism – the self-inflicted, delusionalism drug ADDICTION of choice. Can many times be found running in tandem with excessive alcohol consumption or the corrupted, and distorted, overindulgence with religion. The deteriorating effect on the human brain is the same.

Much like the examples of the Ultra Conservative icons of their day, George Wallace, Asa Carter, and Lee Atwater, when faced with the SOBERING realization of their own last waning days of their mortality, reached out publicly asking for forgiveness for their transgressions.

Even through their own rhetoric trying to convince others of their hateful views, all three displayed regret, and the desire to apologized to those whom they demonized, defamed, and offended for their own personal gain. All three men knew of the need to make right, and to clear their conscience of their offenses to others before their passing.

I see this basic need to make amends and asking for forgiveness, exposingly demonstrating the Freudian sub-conscience aspect of their inherent, and basic knowledge that what they were doing through most of their adult lives the whole time of their actions, was WRONG.

I will close with the positive note that I hope for their sake, all three men made their repenting piece with their consciences and God before their deaths.