When the Word “Liberal” Is Used as a Dehumanizing Term.

My goal in passing on this posting, is to intellectually arm like minded people with the counter argument to those who would use the word “Liberal” as a dehumanizing term.

To me, they are Freudianly exposing the weakness in their intellectual application of this word. It may be well noted that based on the fact they don’t even know the true origins and meaning.

I would make note that there have been many dehumanizing terms for the enemy you would have to shoot, and kill on the battle field, so a man may kill another without engaging their conscience in doing so at that moment.  Terms such as Jap, Kraut, or Gook to name some distasteful and dehumanizing terms used in the past.

The contemporary Conservative Talk Personalities have once again used this technique to demonize those whom do not assimilate or aqueous to their conservative viewpoints in their seen current “Political War”.

The results of those claiming the Reactionary Conservative values, will today poisonally spew out the word “Liberal” as if it were an attack on others.

Of course the term “Liberal” is really quite a complimentary attribute when you know the origins of the word.

The use of “liberal” for progressive politics dates to the mid 19th century. “Liberal” is based on the Latin origins of “Liber” the Latin word for “free”. Thus it can also mean a “Freeman”.

To call someone a liberal, you are saying this person is free from a situation, especially imprisonment of slavery, in which their “liberty” is severely restricted.  In Europe the serfs had been “liberated!”

So when an unenlightened, or reactionary conservative propaganda programmed person thinks they are cleverly derogatory slamming you by calling you “Liberal”, throw it back into their face how ignorant their statement truly is.

Take pride in being progressive, and liberal.  You are laying claim that you will not be economically enslaved, to be politically subservient to the will of the 1%.  In summation, you are claiming your FREEDOM!


5 thoughts on “When the Word “Liberal” Is Used as a Dehumanizing Term.”

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around much to check out your new blog, Wayne. I am going to link to it on my blog roll! Labels mean only how they are perceived by the intended audience. Any word becomes a smear when it is framed to be a smear. Wasn’t it Reagan who really started to use Liberal as smear? That was the true brilliance of his strategist propaganda minister, Lee Atwater? Obscure the reality, repeat the lie, it’s an old technique. The lie becomes bigger than reality. Oh,right, that was Goebbels technique. That’s how the idea of Socialism was obscured and villified. Well, it was the Socialist politicians who became corrupt and destroyed on their own as well. Now we have bigger and better and louder media refining their techniques of disinformation. Liberalism and progressive ideas require thought and compassion. There are no simple solutions to our complex realities. Conservative thought is based on simplistic selfish ideas. Ayn Rand is an adolescent’s intellectual wet dream of self importance and simple solutions. The reality of Ayn Rand proves that she was a delusional fiction writing economic fantasy. In real life,she was obsessed with a mass murderer as a erotic ideal she transferred her obsession onto. She supported abortion and eugenics. In her later life, she became addicted to methedrine and opiates. She died in debt and on medicare….yet her simplistic selfish fantasy world still attracts thousands of so called conservative self styled “intellectuals” who are still reliving the wet dream………………..

    1. Good to see you Microdot!! Goebbles is a great comparison. I did a piece I called “Faith Fighter From The Front Lines.” I just took Goebbles speech “The Jew” and put in the comment section of Conservative Blogs. I got so many “At A Boy” replies. This just tells me what these people are really about, and how so many can be just as easily led much like the German nation was in 1930’s. Same techniques with the same results being used today.

  2. And with much more sophistication to manipulate the dumbed down masses. Today is election day in America and the media is screaming doom and gloom for the Democrats…perhaps it will be pretty shitty, but remember, polls, especially media driven polls with an agenda are not really meant to register opinion, they are meant to shape opinion!

  3. Time to be movin’ on up and not be discouraged. I linked you in my blog roll…The conservative victory and movement in general in America is not sustainable. It is all about immediate profits and results. The bottom a-go drop out…We’re upset and to quote Bob Marley:
    Reflexes had got the better of me
    And what is to be must be,
    Every day the bucket a-go a well,
    One day the bottom a-go drop out,
    One day the bottom a-go drop out.
    I say

    I, I, I, I, shot the sheriff.
    Lord, I didn’t shot the deputy. No!
    I, I (shot the sheriff)
    But I didn’t shoot no deputy, yeah! So, yeah!

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