Minds and Times of F. Wayne Johnson’s Thoughts For The Week

I thought for this week’s posting to complement the “Here Be Monsters, The Sunday Show”, blog talk radio show; I would post some of my current philosophical mind blurps.

Now for a full disclosure, some may note that “blurps” is not a real word.  Well that does not mean that my freewheeling, no boundaries, eclectic thought process, that the good lord assembled me with, would employ these restrictions.

For those who do not understand, the explanation maybe found below. Minds and Times of F. Wayne Johnson’s Definition: “Blurps” (combination of the words “blurts” & “burps”.

Here are the current “Food For Thought” musings.  Enjoy.

1. Man, as a species, was not placed here on earth from heaven by angels as some religions would teach, but rose up into Homo Sapiens, the humanoid primate that he is today, from angry ancestral apes who were ever evolving in intelligence….. some more so than others.

2. It is one thing to be pro-corporation and supporting economic growth; but it is another thing to be an enabler, and embrace predatory capitalism.

3. With regards to the current debate on immigration in this country, I will pass on this thought. “From humble beginnings, greatness can bloom”. This has always been the basic origin strength of this country, and we cannot afford to loose it by some knee jerk, mindless, Reactionary Conservatives’ political agenda.

4. As greater minds conceive, and achieve; lesser minds can only find fault, and ridicule.

5. The arching zenith of all goodness is the ability of recognizing truth.

6. When those whom are suffering, and down trotted are noted, but for some large political demographic segments in this country whose reaction is apathy, ridicule, or even venomous distain; we as a nation are on the way toward loosing our humanity.


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