Anti-Evolution Proposal Is Rejected In South Carolina

Segments of the Fundamentalist Religious of South Carolina’s government proposed legislation to purchase only school text books that deterred the teaching of evolution. On June 12th, 2014 the Antievolution proposal legislation was rejected in South Carolina.

Bottom line, the extreme religious need to get over the fact of their anti-science fact denial. Man, as a species, was not placed here on earth from heaven by angels as some religions would teach, but rose up into Homo Sapiens, the humanoid primate that he is today, from angry ancestral apes who were ever evolving in intelligence….. some more so than others. Thus evolution is not static, and Homo Sapiens continues to evolve even today.

Sanity prevailed and the South Carolina state board of education rejected the Education Oversight Committee’s proposal to revise the state science standards to require students to “Construct scientific arguments to discredit Darwinian natural selection.”


One thought on “Anti-Evolution Proposal Is Rejected In South Carolina”

  1. I am dismayed by some of these reactionary fundamentalists who are still waging a ridiculous fight they LOST nearly a full century ago! I am further dismayed by their constant attempts to deny scientific fact to always portray vreation as being strictly biblically based. As a believer in God AND science, I see no reason why BOTH entities could not have taken part (i.e. God could have very well created everything, and science can be used to point out just how it was done).

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